La Jolla Properties Are Some Of San Diego’s Finest

At one point in the distant past, a beach town like La Jolla was only considered for its worth as a holiday resort but moving there is possible with some effective money management along with a taste for the finer spots in California. For all people who love the Californian beaches and the scenic beauty of a beach town, this is the perfect place to start living.

La Jolla CA Beach Property

La Jolla is well suited to a younger demographic as there is university proximity and plenty of areas for shopping and recreation. Condos in Soledad South sell for much less than $1 million apiece although the dominant styles are the 1970s ones with simplistic nuclear family set ups. La Jolla Mesa should be next on your real estate tour list. Homes go here for about $1.8 million or less and there are cheaper condos available here as well. You get a view of the skyline of San Diego but the price of the home depends largely on the view you are getting. Muirlands West is where you go when you want a sense of culture as many houses here are from the 1930s and a lot of other sites are spectacularly well preserved. Homes are typically sold for as high as $2.5 million in this area but it is also where there are plenty of more moderately priced condominiums.

The Village is another great real estate hotspot which was made in the 18th Century and to this day houses many unique eating places as well as antique shops. The properties with an ocean view demand the highest prices so here you can be sure that no property is sold for less than $2 million. This is the one of the most ideal places for raising a family with plenty of good schools nearby and proximity to all amenities. If convenience of location is your main concern, the Hidden Valley and North regions are also great family areas with an increasing younger population and all the entertainment outlets that come with that. La Jolla Shores is where you go for a vacation type feel since it offers a typical beachfront residential area that is typical of southern California. Custom homes are plentiful here with designs which were popular in 1960s and 1970s. The cliffs and hillside enclaves make the area a joy to behold.

When you are deciding on a place to call home, an experienced realtor can be invaluable. A La Jolla real estate agent can help you find the most affordable locations which are greatly suited for single people as well as young people who want a taste of La Jolla on a budget, as much as that is possible. It goes without saying that in general, this area of San Diego offers extreme luxury and upscale living. Alta, Heights and Soledad South are the cheapest areas from the real estate point of view. Single family homes are predominant here and they are all designs which were considered practical in the 1960s. You will not find a lot of modern architecture here except for the Spanish villas which are hillside with an average sales price of $2 million and onwards. If you have the inclination and the budget, we highly recommend considering this amazing area for your next home!